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1. What is rust? What is the reason of its generation?

Metal corrosion means under certain condition, metal engages electrochemical reaction to change its original properties. That is:the process of metal tending to change into a stable oxide state. Without any treatment at the metal surface, there will be small amount of electrons, and these ions will move from high energy region (positive pole) to the low energy region (negative pole), thereby, resulting the creation of micro current. That is so called corrosion.
2. What principle is the VCI rust proofing product based on?

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. It has the property of being volatile, so we call it VCI product.
Most of the VCI products achieve rust proof through the PE film and kraft paper as the carrier, the products are in the form of powder, particle and liquid etc. However, all the products are based on the same rust proofing principle. After packing up the metal with rust proofing products, VCI particles can quickly evaporate and form a protective film on the metal surface, so that cut off the possibility of metal ions contacting with water and oxygen to achieve rust proof effect. The higher the temperature is, the greater chance of metal getting rusted is. VCI products can adjust its particle diffusion rate as the temperature changes in order to maintain the best condition.

3.What are the experimental methods for VCI products?
The KIRNG experiment (short-term vapor corrosion experiments)、contact corrosion test、and VIA test (gas phase rust proofing ability test) are the three main experimental methods. We usually perform KREIG experimental and contact corrosion test. The laboratory should be under the conditions of 80-90% humidity and 60-70 degree Celsius,the experiments last for 2 or 72 hours to prove that the VCI product is suitable for packing metal. Usually we suggest the customers to conduct the experiments above to ensure the quality of our products before using them.
4.What are VCI products?
VCI film, VCI paper (with PE or without PE), VCIrust proofing powder, VCI rust proofing masterbatch, VCI rust proofing liquid, VCI rust proofing agent, rust cleaning agent, VCI rust proofing paper carton, VCI rust proofing tablet, VCI rust proofing board etc.